Sebastián Colombo is currently piano professor at the “Utrechts Conservatorium – Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht”, The Netherlands. Born in Mar del Plata (Argentina), he studied at both “Luis Gianneo” and “Juan José Castro” Conservatories, where he obtained the Advanced Piano Professor diploma. He acquired a solid private formation from different professors of international prestige: Eugenia Rozental, María Rosa Oubiña de Castro, Elsa Púppulo and Antonio De Raco.​


Scaramuzza's Piano School

Influenced by the Italian Maestro Vicente Scaramuzza. Sebastián Colombo was lucky to have been formed, at all the stages of his musical studies, by eminent professors (all of them linked - either directly or indirectly – to the great maestro Scaramuzza).


Promotion of Young Talents

Sebastián Colombo is an active promoter of young pianists, helping them at the beginning of their careers. In combination with his teaching activities, he is constantly organizing concerts, master-classes, competitions, scholarships, international exchanges, lectures...


Centro de Estudios Pianísticos - CEP

Non-profit entity created in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1976 by Professor M. R. Oubiña de Castro. One of the most important cultural associations of South America. Its European Branch was founded in 2002 by Professor S. Colombo. (