Centro de Estudios Pianísticos – CEP

Center for Piano Studies

The CEP is a non-profit institution created in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1976 by professor María Rosa Oubiña de Castro. The European Branch of CEP was founded in 2002 by prof. Sebastián Colombo.

It’s main objective is to spread piano studying in its technical, didactic and artistic aspects.

The CEP promotes the following activities:

  • Prizes “Vicente Scaramuzza” and “María Rosa Oubiña de Castro”
  • Scholarships “Carmen Scalcione”, “Luis La Via” and “Carmen Díez Martín”
  • Three-year course with maestro Marcelo Balat
  • Program “Artist in residence”
  • International exchange Argentina – Spain
  • Courses, masterclasses, lectures, didactic seminars
  • Training for public performances
  • National competitions (piano solo, chamber music with piano, research, etc.)
  • Grants to attend courses both within the country and abroad
  • Concerts (individual and chamber music recitals, concerts with orchestras)
  • Public interviews and receptions for local and foreign artists

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