• Piano professor “Het Utrechts Conservatorium” (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht)
  • Director European branch of “Center for Piano Studies” – CEP
  • Member EPTA NL
  • High level education: piano school of Vicente Scaramuzza (teacher of Argerich, Gelber, Barenboim)
  • Students winners of national & international competitions
  • Organization of master-classes, concerts, exchanges
  • Preparation entrance examinations conservatories, competitions, recitals, serious pianistic and musical formation for young talents
  • Free trial lesson

Sebastián Colombo is a true formative professor. The inheritance he received from the “Scaramuzza School” allows him to apply the instrumental technique with great efficiency. “Scaramuzza never taught results but the process by which those results are made possible”. (Roberto Castro).

He becomes true companion of the students in every aspect, taking an active care of their absolutely complete formation:

    • by offering them incentives to attend concerts,
    • by allowing a permanent contact with great maestri, “who enlarge the views of the students, balance their conception of the art and get them used to a diversity of criteria”. (Paloma O´Shea),
    • by creating an atmosphere that favour the study and love of music,
    • by guiding the young people who start as professors.

This high quality education gets wonderful results in students who later will take a place among professional musicians.